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Add to Temperance Patience

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Christian Growth

Let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. James 1:4 -- {ML 97.1}

"And to knowledge, temperance." This is the third step in the path toward perfection of character. On every side there is indulgence and dissipation, and the result is degeneration and corruption. The inhabitants of our earth are depreciating in mental, moral, and physical power, because of the intemperate habits of society. Appetite, passion, and love of display are carrying the multitudes into the greatest excesses and extravagance.... The people of God must take an opposite course from the world. They must take up the warfare against these sinful practices, deny appetite, and keep the lower nature in subjection.... It is for us to "search the Scriptures," and bring our habits into harmony with the instruction of the Bible.... -- {ML 97.2}

"And to temperance, patience." The need of becoming temperate is made manifest as we try to take this step. It is next to an impossibility for an intemperate person to be patient. -- {ML 97.3}

Some of us have a nervous temperament, and are naturally as quick as a flash to think and to act; but let no one think that he cannot learn to become patient. Patience is a plant that will make rapid growth if carefully cultivated. By becoming thoroughly acquainted with ourselves, and then combining with the grace of God a firm determination on our part, we may be conquerors, and become perfect in all things, wanting in nothing. -- {ML 97.4}

Patience pours the balm of peace and love into the experiences of the home life.... Patience will seek for unity in the church, in the family, and in the community. This grace must be woven into our lives. -- {ML 97.5}

From My Life Today page 97.

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